History OfficeMr. McCauley’s office is located at 36 E. Oak Avenue in Panama City, Florida. The building is deemed a historical site in publications on the history of Panama City. The building overlooks, McKenzie Park, a shared space that has been at the heart of the community for over 100 years. In the book "Tides, Growing up on St. Andrews Bay" the author, Ann Williams Warwick, conveys the sense of community that McKenzie Park embodies when she describes the events of November 11, 1914. She details the fear of her family and neighbors when the paper mill whistle started blowing erratically mid-morning. Then church bells started ringing. People were sure this meant the Germans were invading. With no telephones, television and certainly no internet, everyone hurried to the park on wagons, bikes or even just running. There were no instructions to do so, they just knew the park was the place for the community to assemble. Of course, there was no pending invasion, but instead wild joy erupted as those gathered learned the Germans had, in fact, surrendered. World War I was over.

This location reflects the humanity of the community. The park continues to commemorate weddings, memorials, political campaigns, cultural events, walks for peace and more. The park is the space that unites, sustains, honors, enlightens, entertains and provides a sense of history for the community. It is truly an inspirational location to practice law and serve the needs of clients.

Mr. McCauley represents clients in Bay, Walton, Okaloosa, Gulf, Jackson and Washington Counties from this location.